Read this before you continue onto the application. Applications due April 27th. 

Cavalier Orchestra Officers Description/Qualifications



Eligibility Requirements: Members who wish to be considered for office must meet the following requirements:


  1. Overall GPA of 3.0 or better

  2. 3 classroom teacher recommendations

  3. 90% class and after-school attendance record



Method of Selection:  Members interested in an officer position must complete a Student Leadership Application along with 3 letters of recommendations from current classroom teachers.  The orchestra directors will conduct all interviews (if needed) and evaluations.  New officers will be announced during the Orchestra Awards Banquet in May, or will be announced by posting on the web-site.  Anyone accepting an office must remain in the organization for the entire year in order to complete his or her duties. 



Officer Meetings: The Leadership Board will conduct its own business as necessary monthly as decided by the student leadership board.  Two unexcused absences will result in an officer losing his position.  The secretary will take roll and minutes.  Officers unable to attend should notify both the student president and director.  An agenda should be planned and discussed with the director before the meeting.  Work schedules must be considered when scheduling all meetings.

Student Leadership Duties




  • Must have been in the Cavalier orchestra program for 3 years with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Serve as the primary student leader and public relations spokesperson for the organization. 

  • Serves as Student Body Representative for the Cavalier Orchestra Booster Club.

  • Attends Cavalier Orchestra Booster Club Meetings.

  • Presides at and conducts officer meetings according to parliamentary procedure, prepares meeting agenda, and notifies all other officers of the meetings.

  • Oversees, works closely with, and coordinates activities of all other officers and assigns and delegates other responsibilities when necessary.

  • Assists director in planning and organizing all orchestra activities for the year.

  • Other tasks as needed.


Vice President:


  • Must have been in the Cavalier orchestra program for at least 2 years with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Assume duties of the president should he/she be unable to execute them.

  • Coordinate activities with other representatives.

  • Plan and coordinate social events such as parties and holiday events.

  • Oversee the planning of the end of the year orchestra banquet.

  • Oversee the Orchestra “Big/Little” program.

  • Other tasks as needed.




  • Must have been in the Cavalier Orchestra program for at least 2 years with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • Keep record of meeting attendance and minutes; follow through on approved motions.

  • Notify officers of the next meeting no less than 24 hours prior to meetings.

  • Write thank-you letters, invitations and other correspondences as directed.

  • Establish and implements phone chain / e-mail list in conjunction with the director.

  • Updates Student Officer Budget Spreadsheet.

  • Updates Charms and Orchestra Calendar as needed by directors.

  • Other tasks as needed.




  • Responsible for maintenance and database of existing orchestra library on Charms.

  • Prepare folders and sort music as needed.

  • Responsible for photocopying of music as needed.

  • Marking scores as needed for UIL and Festival concerts.

  • Other tasks as needed.




  • Responsible for collecting and storing all orchestra related photos, programs, etc. for use in the orchestra scrapbook and school yearbook.

  • Take and collect photos of orchestra events and activities.

  • Responsible for publicizing all orchestra events, concerts, activities on and off campus through newspaper announcements, posters, etc.

  • Must consult with director for approval of all correspondence and communication prior to its release.

  • Other tasks as needed.

Short Answer Section: (hint: type your responses out and then copy/paste into the application) 

1. What is your Orchestra Experience/History?

2. Why do you want to become an officer?

3. What drives you to be a leader?

4. What are your strengths that would be an asset to the orchestra?

5. Provide ideas and planning for the start of the year picnic?

6. If you are a current officer, what recommendations do you have to help things run smoother?

7. Identify 2 positive aspects about your experience in orchestra this year and 1 thing you would like to see change.

Teacher Recommendations: You will need Three Teacher recommendations, provide their emails in the online application. Please ask before you list their email address. 
**Reflection Video**
You will also record a short video of you responding to the following questions (also show a bit of your personality) :
1. What does Leadership mean to me? 
2. What can I bring to the Cavalier Orchestra Student Officer Board? 

Click link below to access the application, you cannot save the application so be sure to complete it in one sitting. Below that is where you will upload your video! 

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