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While we do not teach harp in intermediate school orchestra, we do include harpists in the orchestra. Harp students would need to already know how to play the harp, or be taking private lessons to learn the harp in order to be in the orchestra. We can have a lever harp at Collins for students to use in class. Students would also need to rent a harp for home practice.


Cello, Bass, and Harp players will receive a maintenance fee form the first week of school. A $77 fee is charged for the use of the classroom instruments at school. Additionally, students are responsible for having a rental harp at home for practice.

Harp Links


Melody's Traditional Music


Camille and Kennerly, known as the Harp Twins, rock harps! They perform as a dynamic acoustic and electric rock Harp Duo on identical Concert Grand Harps and modern Electric Harps.

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