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Cello, Bass, and Harp players will receive a maintenance fee form the first week of school. A $77 fee is charged for the use of the classroom instruments at school. Additionally, students are responsible for having a rental cello at home for practice.


Unpacking and Handling Your Cello

Remember to handle your cello carefully. Treat it as if it were a puppy. Any place where the temperature is uncomfortable for you is not a place you can leave your cello. This linked video has a demonstration of how to safely unpack your cello.



  • The front of the cello is the most fragile. The front is the side with the strings. I call it the bumpy side. On the case it's the side that bumps out where the bridge and the bow are.


  • The back of the case is flatter just like the back of the cello. It's the side that sometimes has backpack straps. It's not a good idea to carry the cello on your back in a crowd since that leaves the most fragile part facing out.


  • Carry the cello with the bridge (bumpy side) next to your body. Give your cello a hug to carry it.


  • Be sure the endpin is inside the cello and locked in place before you try to carry it.


  • Protect your cello from pets and siblings. Only authorized cello personnel should handle your cello!


  • Whether it's in or out of the case always put the bridge side of the cello toward the wall or the corner so that if it tips over it lands on its back.


  • Practice doing only what I've taught you so far. Don't set yourself up to have to undo bad habits!

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